Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a basic alteration and a customization?
  • A basic alteration would be a shoulder strap adjustment, bust to waist fit and hems. An example of a customization would be adding sleeves or a slit to a dress.
When do you recommend I come in for a consultation?
  • We recommend clients to come in as soon as they have their wedding dress so that we can evaluate what alterations need to be done, determine if we are able to take on the project timeline and to allow for flexibility! If the wedding date is further out, we can space out appointments leading up to the wedding. Client dresses are also insured while they are at Tailored In White. 
    What should I expect?
    • Tailored In White is a very stage by stage process, we specialize in micro fittings that start from the top of the dress down to the bottom of the dress in a series of small stages. We see our brides more than alteration places, on average 7-12 appointments and go up from there for more complex projects. We like our brides to pick up their gown as close to the wedding date as possible to ensure the most accurate fit!
    Can I bring a guest?
    • We like our brides to limit their number of guests to 2 people to keep the bride's vision for the dress front and center! 
    What should I bring to my appointment?
    • We strongly suggest bringing your shoes if you have them as well as any shape wear if you plan on wearing it! If you have not found the perfect ones yet, you can bring them at a later appointment!